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Open Water Swimming


Improve your stroke in a unique setting, with specialist coaches for open-water sea swimming in Cornwall.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Open Water Swim Sessions

Where do open water swimming sessions take place?

We use various locations, based on tide and conditions but some of our favourite locations include:

  • The Gannel Estuary, Newquay
  • Bude Sea Pool
What should I bring to an open-water session?

💦Swim Hat (bright)
💦Swim Goggles
🧜🏾‍♀️Open water swimming wetsuit
🧜🏾‍♀️Vaseline or equivalent for rub
🌊Rash Vest
🌊Ear Plugs
💦Water Proof Sunscreen
💦Water bottle

What kit do you recommend?

Swim Cap (TYR make good caps)

Orange Guardian Safety Buoy (Ulu make good ones)

Open water swimming goggles (Speedo Aquapulse Max 2 recommended model)

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