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Here you can find more information about Busy Bodies and your swim lessons

Find resources here if you are a swimmer or parent of a swimmer of Busy Bodies Swimming Academy based in Newquay.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a fear of water, can you help me?

Yes, we can. We have specially trained teachers who teach adults with a fear/phobia of water, to allow for you to explore the water at a steady and progressive pace.

Do you do adult swimming lessons?

Yes, our Aqua Legends are offered on a 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 basis. We don’t currently do any adult lessons in larger classes. A number of our teachers have adult training skills and experience and some specialise in teaching adults with a fear, and technique improvement.

Will my child receive badges/awards?

We issue badges/awards to children three times each year, but our teachers constantly assess throughout the year.

When will my child move up?

We use Swim England’s pathways to structure our lessons and each stage has certain requirements. On top of these outcomes we also have our own criteria for a child to move into the next stage.

Why do you place less emphasis on distance and more on technique?

When you learnt to swim, you may of achieved distance badges as the prime measure of progress. Distance awards do still exist, but today we prefer to focus on skills and technique. It’s far more important to be able to swim well than to swim a long distance with poor technique.

How long will it take my child to swim?

We couldn’t really give you a definite answer as everyone is different. We aim for each child to be able to swim within a term of lessons, and receive 1 to 2 stage awards per year.

We have been having lessons elsewhere. What stage/class will we start in?

On booking, we will ask questions about yours or your child’s ability and place you in the most suitable class based on the information you give us. We follow Swim England’s Discovery Ducklings, Ducklings and Learn to Swim pathways, which you can find here: www.swimming.org. Our standards are very high, so please don’t be disheartened if your child needs a little catch up time in group lessons. They’ll get all the time and support they need.

Are your teachers qualified

All our teacher have a wealth of experiences and just love teaching swimming. They are all fully qualified insured and DBS checked. We follow closely with safeguarding and ensuring your child is safe and having the best aquativ experience. We have on going training and are on hand for any of your concerns or questions.

Do you teach children with a disability?

Yes, all our teachers receive in-house training for supporting all swimmers with disabilities. A number of our teachers have backgrounds with specific disabilities. We have teachers who specialise,in spectrum deaf and blind.Please feel free to ask when you ring too enquire.

What should my child wear?

Ideally all children should wear a one piece swimsuit and hat and goggles. We do have spares but cannot supply all

Do I have to get in the water with my child?

Yes, between the ages of 3 months and 2.5 years in our Babies lessons, you are required to get in the water. Once your child is 2.5 years old and swimming in our Pre School lessons (independently), then no.

What framework do you follow?

We follow Swim England and STA. However this is not strictly as we also include our own methodology, swim float swim and most importantly we understand that sometimes adhering strictly to a framework means that the swimmer may not reach their full potential.

Do you do trial sessions?

We don’t offer free trial lessons as our program is usually full. However what we can do is offer a free pre-interview where the child will be assessed on their ability

Im worried my child will be upset ?

Sometimes especially when a young child is bought to lessons they will fear the unknown. We encourage youg ones with toys and props that they are interested in. first couple lessons you may see no progress but we promise you that they will love our lessons and they will flourish and become competent swimmers.

Can my child attend private lessons first?

Most certainly although we have limited times and spaces. This is a great way to start for a nervous swimmer and or prefers to be on their own.

How many in a group?

We have a max of 4 in our Pre school classes and a max of 6 in our higher stages. Swim club has a max of 8

What age can my child learn to swim?

You child can learn to swim as soon as you want them to. We take children without a parent as soon as they are 2.5 years or confident without you.

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